Str8 Men Rule!


“So was it better than you thought it would be?”

“Oh, my God!”

This young top shows great lovemaking talents: He varies the depth of his thrusts. He varies the speed of his thrusts. He watches and reads his partners face. He changes positions to provide stimulation to different places in his partners body, seemingly looking for those ever sensitive nerve endings.

A good tops knows to vary the level of lubrication, adding it when needed and toweling it off his cock when there is too much lube. The level of friction is raised and lowered with the level of lubrication. Lubrication is very important to satisfy both partner’s needs, and we all have learned that too much or too little is seldom advisable.

Tops with an upward curving cock learn that the probable best lovemaking position is their partner on his back (called, “missionary”) so the upward thrust of their shaft is massaging the prostate. Tops with downward curving cocks learn that doggy (partner on his knees) may be the best position for a good prostate massage.  Tops with cocks that curve to the left or right might want to explore fucking on their right of left side side with their partner parallel to them so that the cock continues to batter the prostate with that left or right angle. Tops with very long cocks know that some partners really get into the penetration of their inner sphincter (sometimes called “heaven’s gate), while others know that their partner is not able to handle that depth of penetration. Feeling heaven’s gate close behind the corona of the top’s cock can be very exciting for both partners as there are then two rings tightening around the shaft. None of these suggestions are hard and fast rules, and because men have G-spots in different places, varying position is a good technique to keep lovemaking interesting.

Some bottoms love the sense of just being “possessed” or occupied by their lover’s hard cock. Not only does the top pause after opening their bottom’s first ring, but he then sinks deeply and just holds his shaft still for an extended period of time, still impaling his partner to the mattress and enjoying the dampness and heat of his partner’s body. The bottom learns to massage his lover using those internal muscles, but at that moment, nobody is reaching for orgasm. This is a Tantric sexual practice and is often referred to as “wearing” your partner (like a hand wears a glove). It can be very sensual, and delaying the orgasm while “wearing” can be amazing. I wore a partner for over an hour and he confessed it was one of the best fucks he’d ever experienced. It was definitely a hot and sweaty time!

Some couples like to feel the orgasm of their partner from within, while others prefer the feeling of release onto their partners face or bum. Feeling the DNA flow inside a partner can be mystical, or feeling it fill a condom deep within a partner’s body can be amazing. A tightening hole as the bottom releases can often bring about the top’s orgasm.  Feeling a throbbing cock release and feeling that sudden internal “slickeriness” will often take a bottom over the edge.

Lovemaking can be an art that not many couples take the time to learn. Men are like fine musical instruments, and learning the melody and harmonies of playing the instrument can be exceptional. Sometimes we need a fast fuck, but at other times, “taking the time and making the effort” with a slow, sensual lovemaking session is essential to good romantic health. The penis is an instrument of amazing pleasure. It is no wonder that many historical cultures have elevated the phallus to a level of worship.

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