Str8 Men Rule!
I love worshipping straight men and being a submissive Faggot. I do not agree with actual violence against gays and I'm for gay rights. Is this an act or do you really feel that way? Advocating violence etc. I am not insulting - I am asking. Your site is hot otherwise.

Violence against anyone is wrong. Some people do seek it out as an erotic encounter. Violence is power, and as such it is an aspect of masculinity. That’s why ugly violence can appear “attractive.” I see a really guy with powerful body and/or personality, but his power is from hate. I’m attracted to the physical body and the power, while simultaneously hating the hate. That’s doesn’t mean the hate is “OK,” it most definitely is NOT. It doesn’t even I’m sure to blow him if I had the change. But, it does help explain to me why so many faggots are attracted to haters. Bottom line: full equality and safety for all homos everywhere, but I am definitely a submissive faggot - by choice - for as long as one of my erotic encounters last ‘cause I really, really love it!